What NRM Offers

Personal Ministry

Do you see who God sees? Our true identity is revealed as we begin to remove the lies we have believed because of wounding, that keep us from seeing the truth. Personal ministry can help you find true freedom! Contact Dawn today to schedule an appointment.

Spiritual Mentoring

Have you wondered what it would be like to have a someone walk with you through parts of your journey to encourage you and help you see God’s perspective, while moving toward your destiny?  That’s one part of mentoring.  Spiritual Growth challenges us to walk in our true identity in Christ!

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Women's Retreat Speaker

Dawn Bray will share her powerful and touching story that ends with wholeness, healing and walking in her identity in Christ.  Most every situation a woman can face is in Dawn's journey and this leads to a powerful time of ministry and healing prayer for the ladies in attendance. We can design the sharing, teaching and ministry to honor your group and what is needed. There is a trained ministry team that helps with the prayer ministry times and we also offer personal ministry times outside of the retreat sessions as needed.

Equipping Ministers

Dawn Bray teaches the ministry tools and helps to implement a team to create an environment for healing. She will come to your church or small group and you can also watch for upcoming classes posted here or on the website at Awake Church. Dawn, along with Pastor Matt Peterson, is the founder of Awake Freedom, the healing rooms for Awake Church in Winston Salem serving the Awake body and the community. She is also oversees Pastoral Care and implementing new programs to support and care for the body.


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Guest Speaker

Dawn Bray would love to be a guest speaker for your team, group or church body.  She loves to meet the leadership and learn what part of her story and journey would be most beneficial and what specific topic fits your specific needs. Dawn utilizes a plethora of experience (her own healing journey, current experience in Pastoral Care and  leading Awake Freedom at Awake Church, corporate sales & motivational training, consulting & mentoring, ministry training & equipping, leading a home community and the many years of personal prayer ministry) to ensure a well rounded delivery.