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Prayer Ministry Tools

There is no set model for healing at New Reflection Ministries.  We follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and utilize many tools along with what we call healing prayer specific for each individual. These are just some of the tools we utilize (not a comprehensive list).

SOZO is the greek word meaning “to save, to make whole”.  A sozo session is designed to find and remove the hidden wounds and lies that separate us from the “Truth” about ourselves and the Godhead.  (Romans 10:9, Matthew 9:22, Luke 8:36) * Children’s Sozo available.  Some of the tools of Sozo are: The Father Ladder, Four Doors, The Wall & Presenting Jesus

GENERATIONAL HEALING is ministry to remove the strongholds that have been passed down through the generations.  This also includes specific curses that are apparent in a family line.

PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL HEALING PRAYER is ministry designed to target specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs such as sickness, depression, abuse, addictions, eating disorders, self harm, post abortion and many more.

Prayer Ministry Tools

HEALING THE BROKEN HEARTED  Shabar is the greek word for “brokenhearted” which means to to break in pieces. The main purpose of this ministry  is integration.  It is specifically designed for individuals who have created “layers of protection” or “parts”, due to abuse and traumatic experiences.  (Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:18)

TRAUMA ministry targets and deals with removing the lasting  physical and emotional effects from traumatic events. This ministry also offers help for those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder such as Veterans, Victims of Trafficking, Homeless and many other situations where life altering trauma has occurred.

CHILDREN’S PRAYER MINISTRY includes healing prayer for the specific needs associated with the life circumstances that children face.  A child’s spirit with the help of the Godhead can overcome most any trauma, sometimes they just need a little help! We minister to children dealing with the simple prayer needs or major debilitating diagnosis.

HEALING OILS OF THE BIBLE includes discussing the Ancient Oils of the Bible, their medicinal and natural uses in our everyday lives.  They are called essential oils. God gave us many natural trees, plants and leaves that are harvested and produced in the form of oils for auromatherapy, topical application and internal use as natural remedies.

CLEANSING LAND PRAYER                                             Defilement on the land can affect us and our families both physically and spiritually.  We love to partner with you to cleanse your home, land, & business environments and implement strategies to see the Kingdom manifest where there has been chaos.